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American Bullfrog

(Lithobates catesbeiana)
Size: Bullfrogs are the largest frogs in Philadelphia, reaching 8 inches long. 
Habitat: They live in marshes, ponds, and streams. 
Description: Bullfrogs are olive-green to brown with darker spots on their backs and legs and large eardrums behind their eyes. Similar to green frog but without fold of skin running back from the ear drum. Call a deep "jug-o-rum."

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Northern Green Frog

(Lithobates clamitans)
Size: Green frogs grow up to about 4 1/2 inches long.
Habitat: They live in ponds and slow-moving streams.
Description: Green frogs are all green to bronze in color, with some darker spotting, and have large eardrums. Similar to bullfrog but with a fold of skin running back from ear drum. Call sounds like loose banjo string.


Pickerel Frog

(Lithobates palustris)
Size: Pickerels are about 3 inches long. 
Habitat: They live near rivers, streams, ponds, and wetlands.
Description: Pickerels are bronze-colored with rough squares of a dark coloring covering their body. Call is a slow snore.


Eastern American Toad

(Bufo americanus)
Size: They can grow to 8 inches but usually are about 4 1/2 inches.
Habitat: American toads live in many different habitats, such as wetlands and forests.
Description: They are stout amphibians with warty skin. They vary in color from tan, brown, gray, olive green, reddish to black. Call is a high, musical trill.


Northern Two-Lined Salamander

(Eurycea bislineata)
Size: Two-lined salamanders grow to less than 4 inches long.
Habitat: You can find them in or near flowing streams with rocky bottoms. 
Description: Two-lined salamanders are a yellowish-brown color. They have two dark lines that run down their back.


Red-Backed Salamander

(Plethodon cinereus)
Size: 2-5 inches long
Habitat: Woods and shaded yards. They spend most of their time under cover, retreating underground in hot weather. 
Description: There are two color phases: (1) red-backed, with gray sides and a broad reddish-brown stripe and (2) lead-backed, which are uniformly gray.

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