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Where to Go

Everywhere is habitat. Start by observing plants, animals, and other wildlife in your neighborhood. When you're ready to try greenspaces, check out the links below. 

NaturePHL's map and park descriptions can suggest where to go anywhere in the city. Click on each park to learn what to expect when you get there, including important accessibility information. 

Philadelphia is blessed with an extensive park system. Find one near you, or head out on an adventure to the other side of town. 

Gardens are great places to explore nature. There are plenty of spontaneous plants (don't call them weeds!), various pollinators visiting flowers, and miniature wildlife under every planter or bale of straw. Find a community garden to get involved with by exploring the Neighborhood Garden Trust's network. 


Historic cemeteries offer peace, quiet, and lots of nature to explore, starting with the lichen on the monuments and the animals that call these memorial gardens home. Start with The Woodlands, Laurel Hill, and Mt. Moriah

Riverfront Greenspace

Explore our riverfront greenways and parks along and on the water. Check out Schuylkill Banks for the Schuylkill, Riverfront North Partnership for the Northeast Philly Delaware waterfront, and Delaware River Waterfront for the central Philly Delaware waterfront. 

Philly's National Wildlife Refuge is possibly the most popular place to observe nature. The mix of woods and freshwater tidal marsh offers something for everyone and a full calendar of guided events. 


Spaces preserved as gardens for trees host lots of excellent botany programming and provide habitat for wildlife. Check out Morris Arboretum in Chestnut Hill and Awbury in Germantown. 

Identification Resources

A Guide to the Wildlife of Philadelphia and Where to Find It. 

Pennsylvania Reptile and Amphibian Identification

Butterfly Guides (Spring, Summer)

Guides to local butterflies (spring and summer) by the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

iNaturalist is an online community of naturalists and a platform for identifying and sharing your observations. When you upload an observation, iNaturalist's AI offers identification suggestions. Fellow users will also help determine the identification. 

Guided and Group Programs

Mushroom walks and other events to learn about Philly fungi. 

The PBC hosts field trips and educational meetings to learn more about our area plants. 

Across the city park, friend groups help care for our parks and offer programming, often including nature walks and other nature events. 

Birding field trips and walks in Philadelphia. 

The DVOC sponsors walks and holds meetings where members learn more about our birds. 

Guided Walks. "A group for Philly-area queer/LGBTQIA+ folks to meet up and enjoy birding together. All skill levels welcome, even if you've never birded before!"

Guided walks. The In Color Birding Club strives "to make the birding experience a positive one for BIPOC folks and their allies."

Guided Walks. "The Feminist Bird Club is dedicated to promoting inclusivity in birding while fundraising and providing a safe opportunity for members of the LGBTQIA+ community, BIPOC, and women to connect with the natural world."

Guided walks. "The birding program takes place on accessible trails so people with any mobility needs can enjoy the outdoors and learn more about birds in our area."

The Land Health Institute offers guided nature walks in Philadelphia that weave human and natural history together. 

Blogs and Writing

Monthly environmental magazine, blog, videos, and more. 

Basic Information on Philadelphia Nature, Nature Journaling, and Gardening

Photos and Information about Philly-area beavers

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